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The Frog Queen from Saturn, a world where stories only exist if there is a narrator to tell it. It begins with our young storyteller, 6094 who receives their first true assignment. They then proceed to thoroughly screw it up. Learn what happens when an unreliable narrator wreaks havoc and the consequences soon after in The Frog Queen from Saturn – How not to tell a story.

PROGS ON FROGS: Script Update

Progs on Frogs is a title Ken (the creator) gifted me for any entries I write regarding the progress for The Frog Queen from Saturn. This is the first one!

We recently took Ken’s manuscript and split it up into episodes for the podcast. Currently, we are working on getting episode one and two into shape.We’re trying to keep runtime … Read More →

PROGS ON FROGS: Setting Up Sound Equipment – Background Noise

July 15th was our first day recording for our podcast, The Frog Queen from Saturn and I learned a few things! I have no previous experience doing voice recordings and I’m write this to chart my progress. I thought it might be interesting to see how someone who knows absolutely nothing … Read More →

PROGS ON FROGS: Setting Up Sound Equipment – Plosives

The Frog Queen from Saturn is a podcast that has a linear story with multiple characters. We picked just one character with only a few lines for our first run. After isolating all their lines, we began recording. We already knew what we wanted them to sound like, so we thought it was a good choice. The challenging thing about … Read More →