Author: pepperthephoenix

For the Next Killer Who Dies

book-preview-tulip-twoKingsley Montivelo is an angry young man looking for a cause. After watching a protester die in front of him during a violent crackdown, he decides to join the revolutionary organization known as the Killer Liberation Army (KLA). Read the first three chapters from his memoir, For the Next Killer Who Dies to watch him join the budding insurgency and to get a hint of the cost he will have to pay for the marginalized and oppressed.

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Who Loves the Pun-Not Everyone


Who Loves the Pun – Not Everyone is the very first publication of SKTH productions, the joint organization of the Amenn family. It is a collection of one hundred and one jokes and gaffs guaranteed to make you laugh. All of them were written by Kenneth and accompanied with over fifty illustrations provided by, Haley and Thomas. 

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War Drenched Song


This collection of short stories is about an angry and oppressed minority, the Ilkhatal a.k.a the “Killers.” Join young and impertinent Siegfried and his youthful friends as they struggle with leading a revolution in the heart of their oppressor’s capital and watch the commanding and vicious Marcus lead his small band of rebels in reclaiming the countryside. Each of them determined to win their country’s freedom-no matter the cost. Read as they grow from angry young men and women into assassins and revolutionaries, forging resilient friendships, and falling in love during a wild and chaotic time where freedom is a privilege only few enjoy.

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