Author/Research and Development

Samantha is currently earning her M.A. in International Relations at the University of Chicago. She has had two short stories published in the Virginia Military Institute’s college journal the Sounding Brass and in the online publication Short Fiction Flash. She is currently working on the Nothing but Glory (NBG) series, a military fantasy and a science fiction trilogy the Singularity trilogy. The first novel in the NBG series, For the Next Killer Who Dies, is ready for publication.


visit nothingbutglory.com

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Author/Creative Director

Kenneth is the author of Who Loves the Pun-Not Everyone and is the creative director of SKTH. His talent is written communication, he keeps track of all projects and boosts moral. Kenneth oversees SKTH’s advertising campaigns. In this point in time, he works most closely with Haley, the visual developer. Together they are a formidable team and contribute to the group’s public image.


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Visual Artist/Writer

Thomas is the visual artist and SKTH’s connection to the film world and the latest trends. He skill is in cartooning, as well as designing posters and cover artwork. Thomas, at the same time, is a writer who is familiar with screenplays and short stories. He is also a sculptor of detailed figurines and busts. As the only other artist in the group, he works with Haley and is the co-illustrator for the joke book: Who Loves the Pun-Not Everyone.




Artist/Visual Developer

Haley is the visual developer in charge of all visual mediums, also known as the “Artistic Handyman,” as she likes to refer to herself. Her duties include filming, animating, and illustrating. She also organizes a number of physical and digital files for SKTH. Currently, she is acting as the primary illustrator for both Samantha’s Nothing But Glory series and Kenneth’s book of jokes: Who Loves the Pun-Not Everyone.   


visit her portfolio site 

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