progs on frogs script update

Progs on Frogs is a title Ken (the creator) gifted me for any entries I write regarding the progress for The Frog Queen from Saturn. This is the first one!

We recently took Ken’s manuscript and split it up into podcast episodes. Currently, we are working on getting episode one and two into shape. We’re trying to keep runtime in mind with this editing pass. Our goal is to make an episode that runs twenty to twenty-five minutes long. Incidentally, the first episode is about ten pages. This was not planned, we just let the plot tell us where to end it.

When writing a script you generally want one page to equal one minute. I could not find any info on the proper format for writing a podcast. So we made it up, loosely following the format for a screenplay. The read time for episode one ranges from eight to twelve minutes, depending on who’s reading it. We agreed this sounded like a good number as we read fast and know there will be many things that will slow down the final product. Such as our intro which we have recently written! Here it is:

SKTH Productions proudly presents The Frog Queen from Saturn, a world where stories only exist if there is a narrator to tell it. It begins with our young storyteller, 6-0-9-4 who receives their first true assignment. They then proceed to thoroughly screw it up. Learn what happens when an unreliable narrator wreaks havoc and the consequences soon after in The Frog Queen from Saturn: how not to tell a story.

I wrote this with some direction from Ken. One thing that concerned us was whether our listeners will start with the first episode. Some won’t. How do we make a good impression for the first few episodes? With this, it’s formatted as something you’d put on a back of a book. It may be changed in the future! We still need to do some more research before we make our final decision.

My next entry will be about our first recording day! So, stay tuned if you want to learn about the initial problems that occur when recording. This is completely new territory for me, so it will be in layman’s terms!

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